Used Vehicle Maintenance and Safety Tips

by Grand Chute Auto
2/2/2016 - Appleton, WI

Make sure the gas cap is always tight. Please don’t drive on empty – you can damage the fuel pump. Once the gas gauge reads ¼ it is time for gas.

Once a month: walk around the vehicle and check all lights. Check tire pressure with a tire pressure gauge. Proper tire inflation levels are stamped on the tires. Over or under inflated tires are not safe. Vehicles with alloy wheels don’t hold pressure as well as steel wheels, especially in cold weather. Check alloy wheels more often. Vehicles with alloy wheels should be re torqued 50 miles after tire rotation. Some vehicles have tire pressure monitoring systems, it is not uncommon for those low pressure lights to light up in cold weather.

Check oil level every 1,000 miles: change oil & filter every 4,000 miles. When checking oil, check for fluid leaks. During the summer water will drip from the a/c system and the a/c evaporator drain by the passenger side of the firewall. This is normal.

Change the transmission oil & filter: every 3 years or 40,000 miles whichever comes first. Please refrain from buying: power steering fluid flushes, brake fluid flushes, motor oil flushes, and motor vac services. These are high profit repairs and most often not necessary.

Every spring & fall: check belts for too many deep cracks (where the white cords show). Tiny cracks on the grooved side of the serpentine belt are normal. Check heater & radiator hoses for soft spots and bulges. Check air filter, breather, and pcv.

Every fall: check coolant for temperature & acidic content. Load test the battery, clean connections, and the top of the battery. Spray key holes in doors with silicone or WD-40. Wipe door rubber weather strips down with silicone. This keeps doors and locks from freezing. Check tire tread depth. Treads that are near or at the wear bars need the tires replaced before winter. Most of the vehicles you see in the ditch have poor tires.


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