Recommended Gasoline

by Craig Abler
8/29/2017 - Appleton, WI

We do not recommend using E-85 gasoline, even if your vehicle is set up for it. Some local gas sellers are now offering gasoline with 15% ethanol (alcohol) in it for a few pennies less.

We recommend only using gasoline with 10% ethanol (alcohol). We feel that the few pennies you save using cheaper gas will actually cost you more in the end due to lower gas mileage. We feel ethanol alcohol is a little harder on your vehicle. We are not sure how well your vehicle will idle with 15% ethanol gasoline. Sometimes, as vehicles get older, the sensor that detects the amount of ethanol in the gasoline does not work as well as new and gives bad information to the engine computer. This can result in running issues.

Sometimes customers ask us if they should burn Premium gasoline. If your vehicle calls for it, you should use Premium for best performance.  There are Premium gasolines out there without ethanol alcohol. This type of gasoline will yield your best gas mileage and the extra cost might be worth it.

To figure out your gas mileage, you should average out miles put on by how many gallons used and do this for three full tanks. Try to fill the vehicle up all three times either warm or cold; this will give you the most accurate reading. You can use the gas mileage computer in your vehicle if you reset it after each fill-up, then average the three fill-ups out. Remember: city driving, stop and go driving, vehicles misfiring, and cold weather driving will significantly ding your gas mileage.


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