Four-Wheel and All-Wheel Drive vehicles require extra maintenance

by Grand Chute Auto
2/29/2016 - Appleton, WI

Make sure you ask your oil change facility to lube all greaseable tie rods, ball joints, shafts, universal joints and suspension parts. Have them check gear lube in the front and rear differentials, plus top off the gear lube. This applies to 4x4s and rear-drive vehicles. Check transfer case fluids (4x4s) and top off when necessary.

It is super important to keep fluid levels up. Fluid loss comes from seepage past seals over time. No seal was ever designed to keep all fluids and gear lube 100% in the gear case. Usually a couple of ounces of gear lube is all that is needed to bring levels up. When gear lube runs low, that’s what causes the bearings and gears to fail inside of the gear cases.


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