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Oil Change Instructions

Posted on 1/24/2018 by Craig Abler

* Check Oil Level Regularly.

* Change oil & filter every 4,000 miles.  

* Lube all grease-able tie rods, ball joints, shafts, universal joints and suspension parts.

* Check gear lube in front and rear differentials, top off gear lube - applies to 4wd and rear drive vehicles.

* Check transfer case fluids (4wd) top off when necessary.

* Do not flush brake fluids. Do not flush power steering fluid.

* We do not recommend paying extra for “high mileage” oil.

* Do not flush transmissions with solvent based cleaners.

* We do recommend transmission fluid & filter exchanges.

* Transmission flushes without solvent based cleaners are ok if the transmission has a metal screen instead of a replaceable filter.

* Some vehicles require synthetic blend oil.

* Some Suvs & Pickups take between 6 to 7 quarts of oil.

* 07 and newer GM V8’s should have a factory oil filter.

* Get a second opinion on extra repairs and fluid flushes.

* Mail or drop off a copy of your oil change receipt to:

  Grand Chute Auto 300 N. Lynndale Dr. Appleton 54914 or e-mail receipt to [email protected] to keep limited warranty coverage valid.