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Use of reusable aftermarket air filters that are over-oiled

Posted on 4/7/2017 by Craig Abler

Use of these filters may result in: Service Engine Soon (SES) light may turn on. Transmission shifting concerns and clutch or band slipping. Drive ability concerns, including poor acceleration from a stop or limited engine RPM range.

Oil that is used on these air filter elements may be transferred onto the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor causing contamination of the sensor. As a result, the Grams per Second signal from the Mass Air Flow sensor may be low and any of the concerns listed above may occur.

If an aftermarket reusable air filter is used, inspect the Mass Air Flow sensor element and the air induction hose for contamination prior to replacing parts. If contaminated, the Mass Air Flow sensor may need cleaning with Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner sold at parts stores, or the sensor may need replacement.